Being a Public Relations Practitioner Today

This is my write up about my opinion on being a public relations practitioner in today's world. 

       There are many definitions of public relations. Some people may relate public relations with element like manipulate, persuade and writing. However, the definition of public relations varies among people based on their experiences and influenced by the environment. Public relations work within institution or organization and public relations practitioner responsibility lies under it. Public relations are seen as vital part of maintaining organization's image and of communicating its message to its customers, investors and general public.

     Based on Rex F. Harlow, "public relations is distinctive management function which helps establish and maintain mutual lines of communication, understanding, acceptance, and cooperation between an organization and its public, involves the management of problems or issues, helps management to keep abreast of and effectively utilize change, serving as an early warning system to help anticipate trends, and uses research and sound and ethical communication as its principal tools." 

       As a public relations practitioner, there are a lot going on at work but in terms of writing, it is all about tailoring messages for particular media an public. We should know our target audiences. We have to identify and analyze audience's demographic background for instance their educational background as well as psychographic background. This is important because we cannot have one message for everybody because certain publication serve for certain public. 

      Not everyone can accept what we write because not everyone has the same environment and same background like us. For instance, if we want to reach the youngster, we must have something that is not critical and complex to understand. We have to write something that is interesting, easy to understand and creative like spread message through videos on You Tube, parody or tweeting on Twitter. Those things will attract them because suits with their preferences. Furthermore we have to use the technology like social media so that it would be easier and fast to attract people compare to use traditional media. 

As a public relations practitioner, we should keep ourselves informed of the latest knowledge and information that affecting our organisation and also what happens surrounding. It is because as technology evolving, everything is fast. Information spread fast so we have to act fast too. We should always keep on the toe because if anything happen to our company or organisation, public relations practitioner is the one that will be in the front line that responsible to handle the situation. As we know, nowadays folksonomy wider its territory compare to taxonomy because of the presence of Internet. For instance the use of  ‘#’ have been used widely in the Internet and considered as common nowadays makes information about something more easier to compile and aggregate. So, as public relations practitioner, we must confront the reality and acknowledge the impact of Internet and social media have in this domain. Only by understanding the dynamics of the new technologies and by using them intelligently and creatively can the success of the organisation be preserved. 


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