Sample of EPT Essay

Question: In the modern era, parents face a lot of challenges in bringing up their children. Although both parents have separate roles, mothers are said to be the better parent for a child. Agree or disagree?

The usual comparison between men and women is brought up again when the question of who makes a better parent is raised. I believe women make better parents than men because of motherhood quality and time spent.

Firstly, the natural motherhood quality that Allah has blessed upon women makes them better parents than men. A mother’s ability to endure the pregnancy and childbirth makes her more qualified to bear the pain and suffering that come along with raising a child. For example, mothers can put up with screams and shouts of a naughty child. They know how to punish him so that he will not repeat the same mistake again. At the same time, mothers can counsel the child if he is misbehaving badly. This clearly shows how women are said to be better parents.

Secondly, women make better parents than men because they spend more time with the child. They spend a lot of their time observing their children’s behaviour and wellbeing. For instance, if a child is quiet and not active as usual, the mother will immediately suspect that the child may be sick. Hence, she will bring the child immediately to visit the doctor. In addition, mothers are often concerned with every specific detail in their child’s life.

In conclusion, women are better parents than men due to the aspects of motherhood quality and time spent. Although it is undeniable that fathers are equally important, mothers are always there for the child in joy and sorrow.  


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