Saturday, 7 May 2016

Explore the best in you, yourself.


Boleh tahan lama jugak tak update blog. Oh ya the topic for this entry is to explore the best in you, yourself. Not all of us know what the best in us right? So the best way is to explore it.

First and foremost, we have to try new things (NOT the bad things of course). What that I mean is try the things that u never tried before. Tak salah untuk cuba benda baru. Selagi tak cuba belum tahu kan? However, we all have our own limits. Jangan paksa diri kalau tak boleh buat. 

The second thing is make friends with many people. If you are a nerdy type of person, tak perlu kawan dgn  yg sama dgn you. Try to make friends with people that different from you so that we can see the other side of us.

Next, learn from the thing around us. Belajar dgn apa yg ada kat sekeliling kita. Tak kira benda tu baik or buruk. 

Be independent. JANGAN bergantung 100% kat orang lain. Sometimes kita kena berusaha sendiri untuk tahu and buat apa yg kita nak.

Apa lagi eh? Keep on doing what u like. Prioritise your passion in the right way.

So, best of luck!

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