Thursday, 15 January 2015

Generation Gap


How are you guys? I just recovered from flu so this is the right time to post my new entry. Ohh ya for the beginning of 2015, here I would like to share an article about bridging the generation gap. 

It is not a formal one. Just an article that ready to read for everyone. So check it out guys!

Parents, do you know what is on your children’s minds today? My fellow friends, do you find it difficult to talk to your parents? Do you feel that they don’t understand what is going on in your lives, and that it is easier to express yourselves to your friends?

It is undeniable that a certain psychological and emotional gap exists between parents or elders and the young. It is undeniable but unavoidable side effect of the fast-paced development of society. If unchecked, a bulging generation gap creates misunderstanding and lack of attachment between parents and children.

In other words, it weakens the foundations of the family institution and eventually, society as a whole. Thus, these are some of the important portion of health to the health of our society today where the solidarity of the family institution play a major role.

As we all know, with today’s busy lifestyles, most families hardly spend time together. Some only see each other briefly in passing, what with parents working 12 hours a day to make ends meet, and children spending seven hours in schools, followed by seemingly unending series of tuitions. Even when family does get together, there is not much communication going on. Everyone goes about doing his or her own thing.

Remember the commercial on television a couple of years ago about a Chinese family gathered round the dining table for the New Year’s Eve dinner? What were they doing? Instead of talking to each other, they were all either talking on the phone or text messaging.

In my opinion, parents and grandparents should play their part in bridging the generation gap by spending more “quality” time with their children or grandchildren but, what is quality time? “Quality time” is time spent doing an activity that is meaningful to the parent and child. It is time when family members really get to know each other.
Only then we can bridge the generation gap and build strong family institution and in consequent, a caring and healthy society. Urm ya that’s right but how do we start? Well, parents can play a major role by creating a family night, establishing family traditions like having meals together and also planning family outings.

In our fast-paced society, we often forget that relationships take care and time. Parents, spending time with the children shouldn’t be seen as “doing time”, I think it shouldn’t feel like a prison sentence. Spending time with the family can be fun and educational for everyone.

By having a family night, we can foster bonds and attachments, besides creating memories to last a lifetime. There are many activities we can do together. We can watch movies together in the living room, complete with popcorn and drinks. We should play games lie Scrabble or Monopoly. Whether it’s movie night. Or game night the key is that a night each week is designated for together time.

Another good way to open the door to effective communications is to have a meal together. This tip is quite effective, and yet it seems like so few families enjoy meals together. Meal time together as a family can be a wonderful time of talking about the day’s events and bonding as a family. It need not be home-cooked meals if mother is too tired to cook. A trip to the local fast-food centre like KFC or Pizza Hut would do just as well. Families who enjoy meals together develop stronger relationships.

Next, we come to my favourite activity J family outing! For many families, the year cannot be complete without a great family getaway. Whether it be a trip to the beach, a jaunt to the next town or a luxurious vacation to Universal Studios, Singapore, a family vacation is a must for family reconnection and bonding.

People often underestimate the advantages of getting away for a family vacation. Often people don’t go anywhere thinking “I can’t afford a week-long vacation” or “Where would I take the family that will be fun for all?”.

You would be surprised how just getting away for a week can be an inexpensive experience! By taking a family vacation break, we not only get to release stress and recharge our “batteries”, but also more importantly, we get to share special moments with the family and learn together.

Guys, family institution is the building block of society. Living in a family, children learn to share, how to stand up for their own rights, and how to love another. Children develop positive self-esteem when we communicate the value we feel for them.

Thus, it is important that we work towards bridging the generation gap. In doing so, we help children to grow and mature well, and to help them learn about life and living in today’s society.

Credit to Madam Ursulina, SMK Kubong for this entry J