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Generation Gap

How are you guys? I just recovered from flu so this is the right time to post my new entry. Ohh ya for the beginning of 2015, here I would like to share an article about bridging the generation gap. 

It is not a formal one. Just an article that ready to read for everyone. So check it out guys!
Parents, do you know what is on your children’s minds today? My fellow friends, do you find it difficult to talk to your parents? Do you feel that they don’t understand what is going on in your lives, and that it is easier to express yourselves to your friends?
It is undeniable that a certain psychological and emotional gap exists between parents or elders and the young. It is undeniable but unavoidable side effect of the fast-paced development of society. If unchecked, a bulging generation gap creates misunderstanding and lack of attachment between parents and children.
In other words, it weakens the foundations of the family institution and eventually, society as a whole. Thus, …