Thursday, 4 January 2018

Communism vs Capitalism

       Communism and capitalism are different in their ideologies. They never go together especially in terms of political and economic ideologies. Capitalism is a system of government that is democratic meanwhile communism is a system of government that is totalitarian which means a political system in which the government has total control over the public and private lives and actions of that state's citizens. 

      Based on capitalism ideology, people need freedom and they believe when people complete against one another, they achieve greater things. In contrary, communism believe that people need one another so when people work together as equals, they achieve greater things. 

       In terms of government control and economy based on capitalism ideology, government should not interfere with the rights of individuals to make their own living. They practice free enterprise meaning the freedom for private business to operate for a profit without interference from the government. When doing businesses, the resources or the means of production lies with a private owner, they self-regulated economic system. On the other hand, based on the communism, the community or society solely owns the resources and government should make sure that everyone's needs are being meet. The profit of any enterprise is equally shared by all the people in communism. 

        There is extension of both of the ideologies which is liberalism. Liberalism is an ideology that believes in individual freedom. It is a political ideology that thinks that an individual is free from all interferences and restrictions. However, liberalism is divided into classical and modern liberalism. Classical liberalism states that the government should take control of an institution in order to ensure that it continues to be of service to the people, free of charge. Classical liberalism does not see any need for the government to enforce law and order. On the other hand, modern liberalism asserts that it is also government's job to interfere with people's day-to-day affairs in order to maintain social security. Many modern politicians have been supporting modern liberalism because they believe that the government can solve all problems once it is granted total power. 

         Based on capitalism perspective on modern liberalism, it did not support the power that given to government because when government control the prices of goods and workers, privately-owned companies and institutions cannot flourish. It is because they believe that such ideologies limit a citizen's right to choose which products to buy, what jobs to take, what religious to belief and so on. 

         However in this era, most of countries in the world practice liberalism. It includes a belief in government as an institution whose primary functions is to define and enforce the laws. A Constitution must be developed as a rule and guidance to be followed. The practice of liberalism nowadays however did not clearly solely the capitalist and society.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Being a Public Relations Practitioner Today

This is my write up about my opinion on being a public relations practitioner in today's world. 

       There are many definitions of public relations. Some people may relate public relations with element like manipulate, persuade and writing. However, the definition of public relations varies among people based on their experiences and influenced by the environment. Public relations work within institution or organization and public relations practitioner responsibility lies under it. Public relations are seen as vital part of maintaining organization's image and of communicating its message to its customers, investors and general public.

     Based on Rex F. Harlow, "public relations is distinctive management function which helps establish and maintain mutual lines of communication, understanding, acceptance, and cooperation between an organization and its public, involves the management of problems or issues, helps management to keep abreast of and effectively utilize change, serving as an early warning system to help anticipate trends, and uses research and sound and ethical communication as its principal tools." 

       As a public relations practitioner, there are a lot going on at work but in terms of writing, it is all about tailoring messages for particular media an public. We should know our target audiences. We have to identify and analyze audience's demographic background for instance their educational background as well as psychographic background. This is important because we cannot have one message for everybody because certain publication serve for certain public. 

      Not everyone can accept what we write because not everyone has the same environment and same background like us. For instance, if we want to reach the youngster, we must have something that is not critical and complex to understand. We have to write something that is interesting, easy to understand and creative like spread message through videos on You Tube, parody or tweeting on Twitter. Those things will attract them because suits with their preferences. Furthermore we have to use the technology like social media so that it would be easier and fast to attract people compare to use traditional media. 

As a public relations practitioner, we should keep ourselves informed of the latest knowledge and information that affecting our organisation and also what happens surrounding. It is because as technology evolving, everything is fast. Information spread fast so we have to act fast too. We should always keep on the toe because if anything happen to our company or organisation, public relations practitioner is the one that will be in the front line that responsible to handle the situation. As we know, nowadays folksonomy wider its territory compare to taxonomy because of the presence of Internet. For instance the use of  ‘#’ have been used widely in the Internet and considered as common nowadays makes information about something more easier to compile and aggregate. So, as public relations practitioner, we must confront the reality and acknowledge the impact of Internet and social media have in this domain. Only by understanding the dynamics of the new technologies and by using them intelligently and creatively can the success of the organisation be preserved. 

Monday, 24 April 2017

Nak pilih course apa bila masuk universiti?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Straight to our topic, you guys just have to choose what do you want. There are many courses offered out there whether in public universities or private universities or college. 

Akak yakin yang masa sekolah adik-adik masih lagi tak tahu nak ambil course apa. Benda yang korang minat semua berdasarkan subjek yang korang suka. Betul tak? 

Sebenarnya kalau pilih course ni kena tengok jugak minat kita, ke mana course tu akan bawak kita di masa hadapan dan jugak environment korang sama ada sesuai ke tak. Contoh korang minat nak jadi cikgu tapi tak tahu nak jadi cikgu apa, korang boleh apply institut perguruan ataupun mana-mana universiti atau kolej yang menawarkan kos pendidikan. 

Bagi akak, pertama sekali yang korang kena fikir adalah minat korang. Tengok ke arah apa. Ada yang minat sukan, ada yang minat menyanyi, ada yang nak jadi peguam, ada yang nak jadi macam-macam la. Jadi, bila korang dah tentukan minat korang apa, so bolehlah mula buat research pasal benda yang korang minat tu. 

Akak dulu minat subjek sejarah tau masa sekolah menengah so lepas SPM akak buat research kat mana institusi yang ada tawarkan kos sejarah. So, akak apply institut perguruan since ada tawarkan course tu, dan jugak UIA. Selain daripada tu, since akak suka menari, menyanyi dan berlakon, akak usha jugak Aswara dengan Lim Kok Wing University. Tapi,lepas result SPM keluar, akak gagahkan diri untuk tak pilih ke arah bidang seni sebab akak fikir semua tu boleh jadikan aktiviti sampingan akak. (Now I am doing freelance choreographer and zumba instructor)

Ok lepas dah buat research, letak kat UPU tu dari nombor satu yang paling korang suka. Kalau korang minat banyak course dan tak sure yang mana satu, akak nasihatkan korang kena buat research betul-betul tetang course yang korang minat tu. Tanya senior, minta pendapat cikgu berdasarkan kesesuian personaliti kita dengan course tu, kelebihan kita dan jugak ke mana course tu akan bawa kita nanti. Contoh, korang minat perhotelan, jadi korang pilih UiTM dan politeknik yang tawarkan course tu tapi korang tak prefer study jauh so korang letak la institusi mana yang dekat dengan korang ke apa. Sebabnya UiTM dan politeknik ni banyak kat Malaysia so korang boleh dicampak kat mana-mana je. 

Lepas korang dah isi UPU, dan result SPM pun dah dapat, korang pergi kat imascu untuk check course apa yang sesuai untuk korang berdasarkan result korang. Kenapa perlu check? Sebab kalau apa yang korang apply tu tak sesuai dengan result, maka peluang untuk korang dapat course tu agak tipis. 

Pesanan akak, jangan ikut kawan sangat sebab semua yang korang pilih sekarang akan mempengaruhi masa depan korang. Memang orang kata kita tak boleh tentukan masa depan sebab ikut rezeki masing-masing, tapi selagi kita boleh rancang, kita rancang. Ingat jugak dengan mak ayah korang tau.

See you. 

Friday, 16 December 2016

Nak masuk universiti? Apa yang kena buat?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Apa nak kena buat sebelum masuk universiti? Kalau sebelum ni korang budak asrama so it would be easier to prepare sebab dah biasa. Kalau nak masuk universiti ni tak kisah lah matrikulasi ke, diploma ke degree ke, kita memang kena bersedia untuk segala benda.

Pertama sekali mental. Kenapa mental? Sebab nanti masuk universiti takkan sama macam korang duduk rumah tau. Kalau yang senang adapt tu tak apalah tapi kalau yang jenis suka sendiri-sendiri tu payah sikit lah. Masuk universiti nanti satu bilik tu bukan kita je yang duduk tau so kena behave sikit since duduk dengan orang lain. Sebab kena hormat. Trust me, macam-macam perangai yang korang akan jumpa nanti dari sebaik-baik manusia sampai teruk nau. So, kena la bersedia kan. One more thing is, nanti kelas kita start tak sama dengan roommate/housemate kita so andai kata kelas kita kena hadap pukul 8 pagi tiap-tiap hari tapi diorang punya kelas lambat, so jangan meroyan pulak ye.

Kedua, makan nanti korang redha je mana apa yang ada kat cafe korang. Kalau tak nak redha bolehla pergi makan kat luar ke apa tak ada masalah. Kita tak boleh expect tinggi sangat bila kita duduk kat tempat lain ni. Kalau member belanja, jangan tolak, tak baik tolak rezeki haha 

Korang jugak perlu belajar macam mana nak survive sorang-sorang. Kalau zaman sekolah dah biasa berkepit dengan orang, masuk universiti kena belajar untuk survive sendiri tapi bukan maksudnya tak payah cari kawan, tapi lebih kepada kalau tak ada kawan dengan kita, kita boleh buat benda sendiri. Tak perlu mengharapkan orang lain. Kenapa? Sebab bukan sepanjang masa kawan ada dengan kita. Masing-masing ada life sendiri kan so sendiri kena faham lah kan?

Lagi satu, pandai-pandai la jimat duit. Duduk universiti ni tak sama macam sekolah dik. Bukan ada satu je koperasi, satu je cafe tapi berlambak. Bukan setakat tu je, kat luar tu berlambak shopping mall lah apa lah yang boleh menggugat iman nak beli macam-macam. Kalau korang takut terlebih bajet ke apa, kalau boleh set la berapa bajet korang nak guna untuk sehari ke, seminggu atau sebulan so that tak ada la over budget ke apa. Menabung pun boleh. Korang simpan 50 sen sehari pun dah kira ok daripada tak menabung langsung. Selalu akhir-akhir semester tu biasalah semua orang kurang berduit sikit, jadi kalau menabung, boleh la gunaduit tu waktu tu atau kecemasan ke. Betul tak?

General knowledge pun penting jugak bila masuk universiti ni. Sebab senang nak jawab kat lecturer bila presentation HAHA Basically, semua orang kena ada general knowledge supaya tak ada la kita bergantung dekat ilmu yang kita belajar kat kelas je kan. Rajin-rajinkanlah diri baca newspaper ke apa ke.

Rasanya kat atas tu  je lah kot. Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Sample of EPT Essay

Question: In the modern era, parents face a lot of challenges in bringing up their children. Although both parents have separate roles, mothers are said to be the better parent for a child. Agree or disagree?

The usual comparison between men and women is brought up again when the question of who makes a better parent is raised. I believe women make better parents than men because of motherhood quality and time spent.

Firstly, the natural motherhood quality that Allah has blessed upon women makes them better parents than men. A mother’s ability to endure the pregnancy and childbirth makes her more qualified to bear the pain and suffering that come along with raising a child. For example, mothers can put up with screams and shouts of a naughty child. They know how to punish him so that he will not repeat the same mistake again. At the same time, mothers can counsel the child if he is misbehaving badly. This clearly shows how women are said to be better parents.

Secondly, women make better parents than men because they spend more time with the child. They spend a lot of their time observing their children’s behaviour and wellbeing. For instance, if a child is quiet and not active as usual, the mother will immediately suspect that the child may be sick. Hence, she will bring the child immediately to visit the doctor. In addition, mothers are often concerned with every specific detail in their child’s life.

In conclusion, women are better parents than men due to the aspects of motherhood quality and time spent. Although it is undeniable that fathers are equally important, mothers are always there for the child in joy and sorrow.  

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Explore the best in you, yourself.


Boleh tahan lama jugak tak update blog. Oh ya the topic for this entry is to explore the best in you, yourself. Not all of us know what the best in us right? So the best way is to explore it.

First and foremost, we have to try new things (NOT the bad things of course). What that I mean is try the things that u never tried before. Tak salah untuk cuba benda baru. Selagi tak cuba belum tahu kan? However, we all have our own limits. Jangan paksa diri kalau tak boleh buat. 

The second thing is make friends with many people. If you are a nerdy type of person, tak perlu kawan dgn  yg sama dgn you. Try to make friends with people that different from you so that we can see the other side of us.

Next, learn from the thing around us. Belajar dgn apa yg ada kat sekeliling kita. Tak kira benda tu baik or buruk. 

Be independent. JANGAN bergantung 100% kat orang lain. Sometimes kita kena berusaha sendiri untuk tahu and buat apa yg kita nak.

Apa lagi eh? Keep on doing what u like. Prioritise your passion in the right way.

So, best of luck!

Friday, 25 December 2015


Hai, Assalamualaikum.

Apa yang best sangat kat universiti ni sampai nak update pasal ni? Well nak kata best 100% tak jugak tapi just follow the flow lah kan. Harap takdelah yang terasa and kalau ada mana-mana fakta yang salah tolong betulkan ye sebab manusia tak lari dari kesilapan hee. I only write this based on pengalaman dan serba sedikit ilmu so apa salahnya kita share kan. One more thing is semua ni mostly pasal local universities so jangan salah faham eh.

Satu yang semua orang kena faham setiap universiti tak sama budaya. Tak kisahlah kat mana pun kalau environment berbeza mmg lainlah masing2 kan? Tapi ada juga benda yg common. Apa yg sama dan berbeza tu? Meh nak story.

First and foremost korang kena set dalam minda korang yang kehidupan kat universiti tak sama dengan sekolah.

Okay kalau cakap pasal makan ni, kalau kat sekolah dulu ada dewan makan kan? Koperasi bagai. Kalau kat universiti ni dah tak ada dik. Ada kat universiti tertentu je macam UiTM dgn UPM. Korang kena beli makan sendiri pendek kata pandai-pandai hidup la. Kalau yang jenis banyak duit tu bolehlah makan 24 jam sehari acah-acah self reward HAHA asalkan mampu but for me duit memang banyak habis kat makan. Betul tak? Sep sikit HAHA

For example you ada RM100 untuk seminggu. Maybe dalam RM70 tu memang untuk makan sahaja. (For me la, yang jenis beli makanan banyak tapi tak reti-reti nak habiskan LOL) So kena pandai uruskan duit la pasal makan ni. Cafe memang ada tapi mestilah kadang-kadang tekak tu rasa nak makan kat luar kan? Tambah-tambah lagi yang duduk rumah sewa atau yang kolej dia kat luar. So memang kena makan luar je lah. Kalau yang duduk kat kolej ok sikit sebab ada cafe. Cafe tu pun kena pandai pilih jugak. Cafe punya standard price mostly (and should be) lower than kedai kat luar sebab ada kat dalam universiti je kan tapi kalau mahal tu memang Assalamualaikum lah jawabnya.

Ada beberapa universiti yang tak gunakan cash untuk beli makanan kat cafe tapi guna kad. Kad topup lah kiranya kalau habis kenalah topup. Ok that's all pasal makanan. Move on to the next point. Cewah

Ok cakap pasal tempat tinggal mostly semua student univesiti akan tinggal kat kolej tak kisahlah asasi ke, diploma ke degree and so on. Ada juga yg tinggal kat luar macam rumah sewa ataupun kolej dia tu memang kat luar dari kawasan universiti. Okay lemme give an example. Kalau UIA, student asasi & degree memang duduk kat kolej. Boleh je nak duduk luar tapi yg bagusnya kat UIA diorang sediakan tempat tinggal sampai grad. Siap ada kolej untuk budak master haa! Kalau kat U lain contoh UiTM ramai yang duduk luar. Rumah sewa macam apartment, teres and etc. Kalau yang duduk kolej tu bayar untuk setiap sem tapi kalau duduk luar tu standard lah bayar bulan-bulan kan. Duduk luar atau dalam kampus tak jadi masalah. Semua bergantung kat diri sendiri.

Ok apa lagi eh? Haa pasal kelas. Kalau kat sekolah dulu mengantuk kat kelas sebab lama, kat universiti ni hmm no comment HAHA sebab semua tu bergantung kat diri sendiri. Kelas tak lama mana pun tapi kalau dah diri sendiri yg mengantuk nak buat macam mana kan LOL. But I am really thankful that I am not that kinda person. Jenis yang tak reti ngantuk dalam kelas. I don't know why mungkin sebab fobia kot nak tidur dalam kelas. Ada jugak eh orang macam aku ni

Kalau kat sekolah tiap kali cikgu nak test mesti cikgu inform siap-siap kan? Ok please move on sebab bila dah kat universiti mmg tak semua lecturer akan bagitahu test bila dan masa tulah baru kau terkapai-kapai nak tengok buku/slides etc. Yang paling best bila ada quiz tapi tak datang kelas. Tambah-tambah pula quiz tu 10 markah then bila tanya lecturer boleh tak ambik then the lecturer said no. Siapa ada pengalaman macam tu? Ya, it's me!

Lagi satu pasal kelas ni korang boleh pilih berapa banyak kelas dalam satu semester, nak pukul berapa and dengan lecturer mana tapi ada jugak universiti yang dah ditetapkan semua tu so korang redha je lah eh :')

Ok next one pasal transportation. Ikut korang la nak naik apa kereta ke motor and so on asalkan sampai kat kelas tapi basically semua transport kena ada sticker universiti masing2 la. Kalau yang kolej jauh dari kelas tu pandai-pandai sendiri la gerak awal dari kolej tambah-tambah lagi kalau kelas awal pagi. Ada pernah satu semester tu kelas dari pagi sampai petang alahai memang exhausted dengan bawak buku berkilo-kilo. But ya I survived!!! Alhamdulillah

So what's next? Kalau pasal study pun bergantung kat diri sendiri. Esok final tapi malam tu baru pulun study its up to you. Sebab bukan macam kat sekolah ada preparation class tiap-tiap malam. (Tapi masa prep korang study ke *angkat kening sambil flip bawal)Kalau ada nampak member yang study refer slides je maka janganlah pelik sebab benda tu common XD semua orang ada cara study sendiri but thing that I hate most is when people ask me
"Dah study belum?' Then I answered "Belum." 
Then people replied "Wuu untungla pandai/hebat/terer/ dan sebagainya." 
Tapi bila jawab "Dah study."
orang akan jawab "Wah hebatnya! Bagusla student ni calon 4 flat ni."
Trust me, semua komen-komen tu biasa guys. Sangat la common sampai kita tak tahu nak jawab apa dah. Tanya la semua orang mesti masing-masing pernah kena macam ni.

Oh ya btw jangan culture shock pula bila ada member yang study gila-gila siang malam punya tapi bila dah tanya dah habis study belum then dia jawab "belum/sikit je/Study? Haha what kinda question is that?" Jenis macam ni pun common guys. Pernah juga ada member macam ni jenis sorok markah and study gila-gila tapi bila tanya pasal study sorok2 pulak alahai manusia-manusia.

What I loved the most is bila kat universiti korang akan dapat ramai kawan daripada macam-macam negeri & negara. Jangan terkejut pulak bila roommate orang Syria ke apa. Best apa kawan banyak-banyak tapi yang tak bestnya kawan-kawan kat area rumah pulak yang tak ramai HAHA

Ok challenges as university student? I can say that cabaran boleh datang dari semua aspek macam relationship, study, duit and so on. Setinggi mana pun kita belajar we are still human right? We bleed and we fall down, we crash and we break down. Alahai macam lirik lagu pulak LOL

We have to be ready for any shortcoming and so on but don't forget to put trust to Allah the Almighty because He is the one that arranged our path but we are the one yg decide to do things whether good or bad. So as the conclusion, have faith. Life's a climb right? Alah ikut je lah flow masa kat universiti tapi jangan kelaut pulak. Kekadang kelaut tu tak apa tapi jangan sampai terkapai-kapai pulak nanti. Semua dah besar and boleh fikir. Keep on making memories guys!

That's all from me. Thank you for reading :) Assalamualaikum w.b.t